54% OFF TC-Helicon Go Twin, 2-Channel Audio & MIDI Interface (59€)

Thomann currently offers the TC-Helicon Go Twin, a two-channel audio & MIDI interface for just 59€ instead of 129€. Here you can save 52% OFF the regular price.

However, you have to know something about the Go Twin. It’s a bold ripoff/clone of the well-known IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo I/O mobile interface. Same features, same design but a different price. If you have no problem with that fact, you can get a solid  audio and MIDI interface for little money

TC-Helicon Go Twin

TC-Helicon Go Twin

The Go Twin features two audio channel inputs with built-in microphone pre-amplifiers, stereo output on a 6.3 mm jack, headphone input, and a MIDI interface in/out on minijacks. With the dual pre-amp input, you can eighter record instruments or microphones in either mono or stereo. That’s handy. The interface is powered by USB, via an additional DC 5V power plug, or via 2x AA-batteries.

The Go-Twin can be used with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. However, some customers report that it doesn’t work with Android. So no guarantee that it will work.  It ships with the matching minijack MIDI cables and all cables for the respective devices including USB to lightning. However, the copy has a tiny advantage. The TC-Helicon version does not use a proprietary connector but just a classic USB cable.

The large software bundle with virtual instruments (SampleTank 4 SE…), effects (AmpliTube 4, mic room…), mixing & mastering plugins (Brickwall Limiter, Opto Compressor…) remains exclusive for the original.

For the current price of 59 € (regular 129€), you get a solid 2 channel audio and MIDI interface. If you are looking for a cheap audio interface, have no problems with original vs clone, this could be a good deal.

More information here: TC-Helicon 

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