Halloween Plugin & Music Tech Deals You Should Not Miss

It’s Halloween and, as has been the case for several years, there are again numerous excellent Halloween Plugin Deals but also good discounts on hardware music tech.

Here are some very good Halloween deals that you should not miss.

Halloween Plugin Deals


Software fan please don’t deny it now. We all love hardware devices for making music. Often it is just more fun to rotate or hold something than to work with a mouse. So that you can get a bargain there, here are important Halloween Hardware Music Tech Deals.

Sennheiser E 93533,56 %MicrophoneThomann-
Modal Electronics SKULPT Synthesizer33,44 % SynthesizerSweetwater-
Perfect Circuit 40% OFF (Up To)SynthesizerPerfect Circuit02/11/2020

izotope Stutter Edit 2

Plugin Deals

There are not only hardware deals but also countless plugin deals for Halloween. From D16 Group, Softube to Z for Zynatpiq, everything is included. Don’t forget, if you buy from Plugin Boutique until October 31st, 2020, you get with every purchase the W.A Production Pumper 3 & Imprint bundle for free.

D16 Group Halloween Flash Sale50% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
iZotope Stutter Edit 2 Sale75% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
Sonnox 75% OFF (Up To)Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/12/2020
Image Line Poizone 50% OFFSynthesizerPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
sonible Halloween Flash Sale70% OFF (Up To)Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique05/11/2020
Zynaptiq INTENSITY60% OFFMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique05/11/2020
Plugin Alliance$29.99 plugin
Code: PMPKN-2999
Mixing & MasteringPlugin Alliance01/11/2020
Waves Audio Halloween Sale40% OFF + free plugins
Code: TREAT40
Mixing & MasteringWaves Audio-
Melda MDelayMB Flash Sale 60% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
BeatSkillz Virtual Instrument Bundle87% OFFVirtual InstrumentPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
Softube TAPE Sale60% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
W.A Production Halloween Sale95% OFFEffects
Mixing Mastering
Plugin Boutique17/11/2020
AAS Chromaphone 3 50% OFF (Up To)SynthesizerPlugin Boutique21/11/2020
Glitchmachines Plugins Sale91% OFF (Up To)Synthesizer
Plugin Boutique11/01/2021
Softube Instruments Sale50% OFF (Up To)Synthesizer
Virtual Instrument
Plugin Boutique01/01/2021
Softube Tube-Tech Sale52% OFF (Up To)Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique01/01/2021
Softube Effects Sale50% OFF (Up To)EffectsPlugin Boutique01/01/2021
Softtube Modular Sale50% OFF (Up To)SynthesizerPlugin Boutique01/01/2021
Audio Damage Discord4 Sale 51% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
United Plugins MorphVerb Sale44% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique01/11/2020
W.A Production Mystical Halloween Bundle Sale90% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique17/11/2020
W.A Production Outlaw Mega Bundle Sale96% OFFMix & MasteringPlugin Boutique17/11/2020
KiloHearts Disperser Sale50% OFFMix & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/11/2020
KiloHearts Equalizers Sale50% OFFMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/11/2020
Diginoiz Halloween Sale50% OFF (Up To)Virtual Instruments
Plugin Boutique21/11/2020
KiloHearts Faturator Sale50% OFFMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/11/2020
KiloHearts Snapin Sale50% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique11/11/2020
W.A Production Make Me Scream 85% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique24/11/2020
Krotos Halloween Flash Sale50% OFF (Up To)EffectsPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
DopeSONIX LoFi Sale 50% OFFVirtual InstrumentPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
SoundSpot Union & Expansions Sale90% OFF (Up To)SynthesizerPlugin Boutique07/12/2020
McDSP Sale75% OFF (Up To)Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique01/12/2020
BeatSkillz Plugin Sale93% OFF Up To) Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
Plugin Boutique RADIO Sale68% OFFUtilityPlugin Boutique01/11/2020
SoundSpot Plugins Sale90% OFF (Up To)EffectsPlugin Boutique07/12/2020
Eventide TriceraChorus 60% OFFEffectsPlugin Boutique11/11/2020
AIR Music Technology Xpand!2 Sale78% OFFVirtual InstrumentPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
Tone Empire Sale61% OFF (Up To)Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique02/12/2020
BeatSkillz Synthwave Sale87% OFF (Up To)Virtual InstrumentPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
Rob Papen Limited Edition Bundles & Uprades Sale86% OFF (Up To)SynthesizerPlugin Boutique01/01/2021
AIR Music Synth Sale86% OFF (Up To)SynthesizerPlugin Boutique01/11/2020
BeatSkillz Tumbi-Tronik Sale 86% OFFVirtual InstrumetPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
BeatSkillz Retro Sale
83% OFF (Up To)Virtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
BeatSkillz Dark KZ Sale 75% OFFVirtual InstrumentPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
AIR Music Keys Sale81% OFF (Up To)Virtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique01/11/2020
SONiVOX Sale85% OFF (Up To)Virtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique01/11/2020
AIR Music Creative Synth Bundle Sale 90% OFFSynthesizerPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
BeatSkillz Bollywood Sale89% OFF (Up To)Virtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/11/2020
Digital Brain Instruments Sale51% OFF (Up To)Virtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique02/11/2020

Halloween DAW Deals

DAW Deals

Are you interested in trying the latest version of Tracktion Waveform? Then now is the right moment.

Tracktion40% OFF
Code: GHOST40

Sample Logic Morphestra 2

Soundware (Presets, Kontakt Library… Deals) 

Of course, there also numerous Kontakt and preset library deals for Halloween 2020.

Sampletraxx Horror Bundle83% OFFKontakt LibraryAPD12/11/2020
REALSAMPLES Piano Piano Pioneers Bundle91% OFFKontakt LibraryAPD 08/11/2020
Simple Samples Audio Horror HarpFREEKontakt LibraryAPD-
Have Instruments Nordisk Kontrabass64% OFFKontakt LibraryVST Buzz03/11/2020
Sample Logic Morphestra 270% OFFKontakt LibrarySample Logic -
Wide Blue Sound ECLIPSE 25% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
SoundSpot Union & Expansions Sale90% OFFPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique07/12/2020
Rigid Audio Angus Synthesizer90% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique04/12/2020
Glitchmachines Sample Pack Sale87% OFF (Up To)Sample LibraryPlugin Boutique11/01/2021
Karanyi Sounds Sale63% OFF (Up To)Kontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique01/11/2020
AudioThing Frame Drums Sale70% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
Soundiron Sale 20% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique01/11/2020
FXpansion Geist2 Expansions Bundle Sale 40% OFFPreset LibraryPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
Rigid Audio Composer's Dream Bundle89% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
Rigid Audio Complete Loop Bundle Sale94% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
Audiority Octamorph FE Sale50% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique01/11/2020
Rigid Audio Sound Design Bundle Sale90% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique02/11/2020
SoundSpot Presets Sale73% OFF (Up To)Preset LibraryPlugin Boutique07/12/2020
Audiority Omnisphere: Driving Force I & II Sale50% OFFPreset LibraryPlugin Boutique02/11/2020

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