Get Tegeler Audio Creme and Mag2 hardware with a 44% discount in the Birthday Bundle

Tegeler Audio is celebrating 10 years Creme and 15 years Mag2 with a limited-time Birthday Bundle featuring both devices for 1999€ (44% OFF).

For what you usually pay for one device, you now get two mixing/mastering hardware devices. Creme has a regular price of 1799€ while Magnetismus 2 (Mag2) is 1699€. So almost pay one get two devices. This is not a plugin developer deal but here we are talking about high-end hardware from Germany.

Tegeler Audio

We are happy to be celebrating 15 years of the Mag2 and 10 years of the Creme! With their ages combined, they have been around for 20 years already. So for every one of those years, we will charge you only 143,8€, and you can get both devices together!

So 143,8 x 20 = 1999€!  Run and get your gear while you can. If you don’t agree with our math, then pay the full 3595€ for the bundle. *Offer valid exclusively through direct purchases from Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH

Creme and Mag2

The Creme combines a passive EQ based on the Pultec principle and a high-end bus compressor in a single device.

Important: the deal includes the simple version of the Creme not the RC version that can be controlled with a plugin.

The Magnetismus or Mag2 combines a modern, flexible VCA compressor with a downstream transient shaper. The result is a thick, rich sound, that helps integrate tracks better into the mix, similar to a tape recording. It’s great for processing transient-rich signals, such as drums, synthesizers, and acoustic guitars.

Tegeler Audio Creme & Mag2 Birthday Bundle is available now for 1999€ instead of 3595€ until August 30th, 2023. The deal does not include shipping and is exclusively available on the developer’s website.

More information here: Official Website

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