Reason 11 Lite, Free Download For Focusrite Plugin Collective Members

Ends November 19th, 2020

With the Plugin Collective, Focusrite introduced a platform where hardware owners can benefit from exciting free standalone software and plugins every month. Today the UK-Based company announced that Focusrite registered customers will get a copy of Reason Studios Reason 11 Lite DAW for free.

This offer is not only valid for the month of September but until mid-November, more precisely until 19/11/2020.

focusrite plugin collective-reason 11 lite

However, the stripped-down version of Reason 11 offers more than you might initially think. In addition to a simple version of the standalone DAW, the Lite version also includes the rack plug-in with which you can use the included instruments and effects in any other DAW.


Reason 11 Lite is limited to 8 audio and/or instruments tracks and with the ability to time-stretch audio, slice edit, pitch edit, transpose audio, transform audio to MIDI, and use the blocks song arrangement feature. It comes with insert effects as well as 8 send effect slots means one slot per channel. Also onboard is the regroover mixer, the option to create REX files, MIDI out/MIDI clock out, and Ableton Link support. On the sound side, it comes with a sound bank teaser and limited ReFill support. Further, you can expand the sonic options in Reason 11 Lite with Rack Extensions from the Reason store or with the help of VST support. With this, you can load 64-bit VST2 plugins inside the standalone version.

One of the highlights in Reason 11 Lite is the rack plugin with which you can use the included instruments and effects in any other DAW. It includes versatile synths, effects, creative helpers, mixing & mastering tools:

  • Subtractor Synthesizer, Monotone Bass Synthesizer, ID-8 Songwriter’s toolbox  & Redrum drum Computer
  • Scales & chords Player, Combinator, Matrix pattern sequencer, RPG-8 Arpeggiator & MIDI out device
  • Spider/Mergers/Splitters
  • MClass EQ, MClass Compressor, MClass Maximizer & MClass Stereo Imager
  • RV7000 Advanced Reverb, Scream 4 Distortion, DDL-1 Digital Delay &  CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
  • Equalizer with Lo-pass/Hi-pass filters, Spectrum analyzer, Master Bus Compressor, Compressor & Gate

If you need more instruments and options, you can upgrade the Lite version later. This way you get Reason 11 much cheaper.

Reason 11 Lite is a free download until mid-November for Focusrite Plugin Collective members. The service is free of charge for registered hardware users.

More information here: Focusrite

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