53% OFF (Up To) Tone2 Synthesizer Plugins (Icarus, Rayblaster 2, Saurus 2…)

Tone2 Synthesizer plugins are among the finest software synths on the market. They offer a lot of unique features and sounds. For Black Friday, you can save up to 53% OFF on these virtual instruments.

However, this offer only applies to resellers like Thomann or Reverb.com. Some are cheaper at T, the others at Reverb. The best offer is on Icarus Synthesizer on which you get a 44,3% OFF discount plus a free update to version 2 coming on December 6, 2019.

Tone2 Black Friday

RayBlaster 2 unveils a completely new dimension of sounds, impossible with other synths. The revolutionary Impulse Modeling Synthesis is not just a marketing buzzword, but a radically different approach to synthetic sound generation.

The award-winning Electra 2 is not only one of the most powerful synthesizers ever – it’s the complete synthesis solution! Explore a vast musical universe of multi-synthesis oscillators, analog filters, chaotic fractals, samples, flexible modulation, and an immense sonic range.

Icarus the most powerful synthesizer on the market. It offers 54(!) different synthesis modes, 53 effects, and 62 exciting filter-types. The award-winning audio engine provides a gigantic sonic range, offers true high-end sound quality and creates sounds impossible with other synths.

Tone2 Synths are available at our partners 

Reverb.com: RayBlaster 2, Saurus 2, Nemesis

Thomann: Electra 2, Icarus, Gladiator 

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