UVI Black Friday sale, save 30% OFF on plugins, libraries and Falcon expansions

Ends November 30, 2021

UVI has launched its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale with a 30% OFF discount on all plugins, sound libraries and Falcon expansions.

The discount also applies on UVI’s flagship products Falcon 2 workstation Synthesizer and the Vintage Vault 3 that is packed with 65 virtual instruments and 10.000 presets made from 500.000+ samples.

UVI Black Friday Sale

UVI Black Friday Sale

Here are some highlights from each category


  • Falcon 2 Synthesizer: features sampling and synthesis power with 16 oscillator types, 90+ effects, modulation generators, scriptable MIDI generators, and more.
  • Shade: advanced EQ, mix tool, and creative filter with 35 shapes, 9 modulators, and full multichannel support
  • Drum Replacer: machine learning-based analysis with realtime component separation,
  • Plate: physically-modeled electro-mechanical reverb
  • Relayer: creative precision multi-tape delay
  • Thorus: a chorus plugin with a twist
  • Sparkverb: cutting-edge algorithm reverb
  • Rotary: rotary speaker emulation with a classic sound but expanded feature set

Sample-Based Virtual Instruments

The UVI Black Friday sale is valid through November 30th, 2021.

More information here: UVI 

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