Free Download: UVI Digital Synsations With 4 Virtual Instruments (149€ Value)

Ends September 30th, 2019

UVI Digital Synsations free download alert: it’s a bundle of 4 sample-based virtual instruments that features sounds from iconic digital synths from the 90s including KORG M1, Ensoniq VFX, SY77, and D50.

For a limited time, you can get this bundle (regular price 149€) for free. Add Digital Synsations to your card and enter the code FREEDS-AVID in the voucher field at checkout. It might take a little longer to download the software as many users will be using it

UVI Digital Synsations

Even if you’re a classic synth collector, you’d be hard pressed to get your hands on the four keyboards modeled in the UVI Digital Synsations collection, let alone experience the sound-crafting power of this highly capable virtual instrument.

Covering all of the bases of the late ’80s and early ’90s digital synthesis, Digital Synsations comes loaded with spot-on models of the Yamaha SY77, Korg M1, Ensoniq VFX, and Roland D-50, including all of their essential controls and unique characteristics. Another thing the synth nuts at Sweetwater dig about Digital Synsations are the presets, which really showcase these amazing instruments can do.

UVI Digital Synsations Virtual Instrument Synthesizer Features:

  • A collection of 4 virtual instruments modeled after classic digital synths of the ’80s and ’90s
  • DS77 captures the Realtime Convolution and Modulation sound of the Yamaha SY77 keyboard
  • DS1 re-creates the Korg M1’s AI synthesis, combining 16-bit wavetables and additive synthesis
  • DSX models the Ensoniq VFX multiple wavetable synthesis and advanced modulation routing
  • DS90s takes its inspiration from the Roland D-50 8-bit linear arithmetic synthesizer
  • All synth models include advanced functionality and full settings control
  • Includes over 500 excellent presets to get you started
  • Compatible with AAX, VST, and AU plug-in hosts on Mac and Windows PCs

UVI Digital Synsations free offer is valid until September 30th, 2019. This product requires that you have an iLok account for authorization, although it does not require a physical iLok key. It also requires UVI Workstation or Falcon.

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