Sick Noise Instruments Xenobyte Synthesizer plugin is a FREE download for a limited time

Ends October 5, 2023

Pluginomat is offering the Sick Noise Instruments Xenobyte Synthesizer plugin (win/mac) as a free download for a limited time.

Xenobyte, which regularly costs $49, is a hybrid Synthesizer plugin with an advanced feature set.

Sick Noise Instruments Xenobyte

Sick Noise Instruments Xenobyte

Xenobyte is a hybrid Synthesizer consisting of classic oscillators and a sampler. It has three oscillators with classic waveforms (sine, saw, ramp, pulse, triangle, white, and pink noise).  You can control it with various parameters, including volume, semi-tone, pitch, and waveforms.

With the additional phase and frequency modulation, you can generate more interesting sounds by adding harmonic content. Besides the oscillators, Xenobyte features a sampler that works independently or in combination with the oscillators.

It supports user sample content and has a morphing function. Plus, you can tweak the pitch, volume, and fine-tune it in octaves, and semi-tones.

On the filtering side, you get the choice of different flavors with classic controls (cutoff, resonance…), including lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and band reject.


There is also a solid modulation engine with four LFOs and two envelopes. The LFOs can modulate almost everything on the panel, says Sick Noise Instruments. It has five available waveforms (sine, saw, ramp, triangle, and pulse) with rate and depth controls. It also allows for more wild stuff like modulating the LFO rate with another LFO.

The built-in envelopes are classic. You get two ADSR envelopes for both the filter and amplitude. Lastly, it hosts four effects: flanger, delay, reverb, and distortion.

Sick Noise Instruments ships the synth plugin with 75+ ready-to-use factory presets. They also write that there is a possibility that the plugin doesn’t work properly. This happens sometimes if you don’t have a licensed DAW.

Sick Noise Instruments Xenobyte is a free download until October 5th, 2023. It runs as a 64-bit VST3, and AU plugin on macOS and Windows. No info about Apple Silicon support.

More information here: Pluginomat