Onsen Audio OS-251, a free Juno-style lo-fi Synthesizer plugin

The new company Onsen Audio has today released OS-251, a free lo-fi Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Onsen Audio OS-251 Synth

Onsen Audio OS-251

OS-251 is a “Juno” style subtractive 10-voice Synthesizer with an intuitive design. The plugin uses digital algorithms to give a warm, lo-fi character to the sounds. The algorithms and parameters are inspired by the Juno-106, making it easier to express a thicker, chunkier sound. It has a single oscillator with sine, square, saw waveforms with a shape parameter. Plus, you get a square sub- & noise oscillator, and flexible pitch controls.

The oscillator has alias noise (specific to digital signal processing) famous on classic samplers like E-mu SP-12 which adds a lo-fi feeling to the sound. Then, it has a bi-quad lowpass filter (LPF) and high-pass filter (HPF), each with frequency parameters. LPF has additional resonance. On the modulation side, you have an envelope generator for the LPF & amplitude and a single LFO with sync. The latter controls LPF, amplitude, and shape parameter.

At the end of the signal chain, you have a chorus effect.

Onsen Audio OS-251 is available now for free for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It runs as VST3 and AU plugin.

More information here: OA

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