Imaginando DLYM, free delay modulator plugin & iOS app got an update

Imaginando has today released an update for its free delay modulation plugin DLYM. The plugin is capable of producing versatile flanger and chorus-style effects.

Taking inspiration from DRC’s chorus effect, DLYM expands on the functionality, and makes it available for DAW applications on PC, Mac, and iOS for free!

Imaginando DLYM update

Imaginando DLYM Update

As already said DLYM is a delay modulation that uses a short delay to produce unique flanger and chorus-style effects. The new update introduce a new user interface with a black/orange design. I like that much better than the light blue one.

It features two processing modes: analog emulation and one dimension style. With the second, it looks like they try to emulate the sound of the iconic Roland Dimension chorus, a unique type of motionless chorus. Then, you have 6 time-syncable modulation waveforms including sine, square, saw, triangle, sample & hold, and filtered sample & hold.

You have an adjustable stereo spread and a crossover/cutoff functionality to the frequency of the effect. The plugin is also equipped with a preset browser that comes with 20 presets.

Imaginando DLYM is available now as a free download and doesn’t require a registration or subscription to a newsletter. It runs as VST, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. It is also available on Apple AppStore as an AUv3 plugin for iOS. Don’t miss the other free deals on Plugin.Deals 

More information here: Imaginando