Full Bucket Music FB-7999, free Korg DW-6000/8000 Synthesizer emulation

Full Bucket Music has today released FB-7999, a new Synthesizer plugin (VST/AU) that emulates the famous Korg DW-6000/8000 hybrid synths from the 1980s.

The DW series were hardware synths that offered digital oscillators with analog filtering and rich modulators.


Full Bucket’s emulation features two oscillators, a filter (VCF), two envelopes as well as a modulator. The oscillator features 32 different waveforms (16 + 16 different waveforms) and offers poly/unison modes. Like on the original units, both envelopes are (VCF/VCA) are ADBSSR types with 6 parameters: attack, decay, breakpoint, slope, sustain, and release. Also, it has an LFO and a bender, each with two destinations: oscillator and filter.

At the end of the signal chain, you have a pseudo-stereo delay processor with different parameters. Plus, you can control parameters with aftertouch, the mod wheel, breath control, and tweaks.

FB-7999 has up to 64-voice polyphony (8-voice original), supports MTS-ESP by ODDSound for dynamic micro-tuning and MIDI learn. Pretty cool, the developer implemented SysEx data support which you can import and export patches from the original Korg DW synths.

Full Bucket Music FB-7999 is available now as a free download for macOS and Windows as a VST and AU plugin. Don’t forget to support the developer with a donation if you enjoy the plugin.

More information here: FBM

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