Dragonfly Reverb 3.0 Bundle Features 4 Free Reverb Plugins For PC, Mac & Linux

Michael Willis has released Dragonfly Reverb 3.0 bundle, a major update for its free reverb plugins. The new version brings many new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It includes four individual reverb plugins: a plate, room, hall, and early reflection.

The plugins are based on the ProG reverb from Freeverb3 VST, which uses Moorer’s early reflection model and an implementation of Jon Dattorro’s Progenitor Reverb algorithm. Plate, Room & Hall feature a built-in spectrogram with which you receive a better idea of how the various reverb parameters affect the plugin’s output. Each plugin is available in a version for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Dragonfly Reverb 3.0


Dragonfly Plate operates in mono-to-stereo and features three different reverb types: simple, nested & tank. It has a good selection of parameters with which you can tweak the algorithm nicely: dry/wet, width, pre-delay, decay, lowpass/highpass on the output, and a dampening function


Dragonfly Room operates in stereo-to-stereo and has no specific reverb types to choose from, but ready-to-use presets that map them well: small, medium, large, halls & effects. Also, this plugin comes with many parameters that can be tweaked including a diffuse, spin, and wander function. The latter controls the length of the modulated chorus effect on the late reverberation, measured in milliseconds. Pretty handy is here that the user can modify the early and late reflection of the reverb separately.


Dragonfly Hall also works in stereo-to-stereo and has also no specific hall types but carefully designed hall presets. These include a variety of different hall emulations: rooms, studios, small, medium & large. Here, too, you have a variety of parameters with which you can readjust the reverb as you wish. The “wander” function which we know from the room reverb is also included here.

Early Reflections

Dragonfly Early Reflection is also a stereo-to-stereo reverb processor but doesn’t use any late reverberation algorithm. The latter can be found in the Hall & Room plugins. The preset browser features a selection of different reflection patterns that are not presets because they do not control the parameters. Each reflection pattern is a different specification of echo delays and gain levels for the left and right channels. The names are primarily meant to be memorable and are only vaguely related to how each reflection pattern sounds.

The interface features individual dry/wet controls, different reflection types, a size control that controls the size of the simulated space in meters including a stereo width and lowpass/highpass filter in this end. These are applied to the output signal after processing the reverb algorithm.

Dragonfly Reverb 3.0 bundle is available now as a free download for PC (Windows), macOS and Linux.

More information here: Dragonfly Reverb Bundle