Download For FREE Cinematique Instruments KLANG Symphonic Black Wood Flow For Kontakt

Ends November 1st, 2020

Cinematique Instruments is giving away its KLANG Symphonic Black Wood Flow virtual instrument for Kontakt 5 full version for free. KLANG’s SYMPHONIC range consists of orchestral instruments like violins, flutes, french horns, and other instruments.

KLANG tried to capture recordings of these familiar instruments from rather different perspectives, like playing with special and uncommon articulations or sending through various modular effects and much more.

Cinematic Instruments Klang

For our 10th anniversary we have came up with a free instrument series, which grows every month. and reflects our previous work and our way of thinking. Klang is already turning one year Old and here is a little thank you: 5 new free KLANG instruments! In order to keep it tidy, we have removed the 16 previous free sound instruments from the selection. We think, 1 year for free is truly enough 🙂

With Klang we try to go a different way to create sounds and make instruments. Thus, experiments, theoretical musical concepts or chance products are used as a basis for Klang Sound. KLANG shows how we see music and how important sound in music is to us.


The concept of KLANG is simple – we wanted to keep KLANG as clear and uniform as possible despite all the differences in the instruments. That’s why KLANG actually only consists of 3 large controls as well as reverb, delay and 2 master FX switches. That’s it. There’s nothing more…. but depending on the instrument, this is surprisingly redefined. Try it out!

The aim of this instrument was, to create a very soft, silent, and gentle clarinet sound. KLANG recorded it, and called it Black Wood Flow and put it into the KLANG Engine. A very pure and flowing sound.

Cinematique Instruments KLANG Symphonic Black Wood Flow is a free download until November 1st, 2020. It requires Kontakt 5.6.8 full version

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