Bucket Pops, Free Plugin Emulation Of The Korg Mini Pops-7 Rhythm Machine

Full Bucket Music Bucket Pops is back with a new free plugin that authentically emulates the iconic Korg Mini Pops-7 Rhythm Machine (1966) used by Jean Michel Jarre and more.

Like the vintage instrument, Bucket Pops has all 15 drum instruments, each with the same charm as the original.

Full Bucket Music Bucket Pops

Full Bucket Music does not use recorded samples for this emulation but has recreated all 15 instruments with pure synthesis. Each sound has tweakable instrument parameters known from the original. It features Quijada, Tambourine, and Guiro as well as sliders for volume and balance.

Buck Pops ships with the 20 original rhythms of the Korg Mini Pops-7. Thanks to a built-in sequencer, it gives the user the option to own rhythms. The plugin is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. Further, it has a resizable user interface, as well as full MIDI, learn support. This means you can control all parameters with MIDI CC.

All in all, this is yet another must-have plugin from Full Buck Music. Even more, if you are a fan of the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre.

Full Bucket Music Bucket Pops is available now as a free plugin for PC & Mac. It runs in VST and AU (32-bit/64-bit) plugin formats and doesn’t require any registration or annoying licensing process. Please consider supporting Full Bucket Music with a donation if you enjoy these free plugins.

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