BPB Saturator, Free Tube & Tape Saturation Plugin For PC & Mac

Bedroom Producers Blog has recently released BPB Saturator, a free tube & tape saturation plugin for PC & Mac that is versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-use.

The plugin has a tube and tape saturation section, each of them can work independently or together for a cumulative effect

BPB Saturator

BPB Saturator

The interface is very simple: six parameters in total with which you can set the effects effortless and precisely. No sub-menus, no hidden features, easy and quick. It is based on waveshaping that simulates tube and tape saturation. Thanks to its core, it can work either as a classic saturation tool or as a tube-based distortion effect for dirty sounds.

BPB Saturator is capable of creating subtle saturation effects but to audible distortion/dirty timbres. Further, it features a pair of transparent filters (highpass & lowpass) for removing any unwanted frequencies. This is always helpful. Often there are areas that sound less beautiful and in this case, a built-in one is very useful.

They can also be useful to simulate the frequency range of analog gear. All in all, you get a simple but effective plugin for free. With a few knob turns you can add character to any sound. Thanks, BPB for this free release.


BPB Saturator is available now as a free download for PC & Mac and runs as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin.

More information here: BPB