Free Download: BPB GB DrumBox Lo-Fi Drum Machine Plugin (VST/AU)

BPB (Bedroom Producers Blog) has released GB Drumbox, a free VST/AU plugin made in collaboration with developer SampleScience that includes 12 lo-fi drum kits. This is not the first time that our friends of BPB have released a free plugin. Already in the past, they released the Cassette 909, Sampleson Electrix BPB Edition plugin & more.

GB DrumBox is a plugin drum rompler/machine that is based on two Game Boy sample collections. They were sound-designed using the LSDJ software by Tomislav Zlativ, publisher of the Bedroom Producers Blog (BPB)

BPB GB Drumbox


The samples are built into a retro-styled plugin that is developed by SampleSience. It includes 12 drum kits and each drum kit features 8 sounds. The engine offers a multi-filter with cutoff control and a reverb. Further, it includes an amp with a built-in EQ (low & high) as well as a multi-LFO.

Also on board is an attack for shaping the sound and multi outputs. If you search for new retro/lofi sounds, you should check out this new free plugin.

BPB GB DrumBox plugin is available now as a free download for VST/VST3/AU for macOS and Windows. Check out also our free section with latest free deals.

More information here: BPB 

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