Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor plugin FREE with every purchase at ADSR Sounds

Ends November 30, 2021

ADSR Sounds has teamed up with the young developer company Baby Audio to give away the Parallel Aggressor plugin for free, worth $49 USD, with every purchase. No minimum to spend.

Parallel Aggressor is a plugin that gives you parallel compression with a new twist.

Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor

It splits your audio into three equal parts and offers individual saturation and compression. Dry is the original signal while spank and heat allow you to add character to the parallel engines. Spank is a duplicate of the original signal with heavy compression and heat is the saturated counterpart. This mixing approach allows you to manipulate as you like it. Parallel Aggressor can not only be used as a classic parallel compressor plugin but also as a sound design tool. A deal that you should take a closer look at.


  • Balance the three parallel signals from the main level mixer.
  • Use the Spank and Heat knobs to dial-up the firepower of the parallel engines.
  • The meters help you set the right amount of Spank and Heat for any audio signal. (Dial the main Spank/Heat knobs until the meters peak right before the orange line).
  • The style knobs inject desirable sonic flavors into the parallel engines. Engage many at once.
  • The solo buttons let you monitor each parallel signal individually for fine-tuning purposes.
  • Turn on Auto Gain to get a consistent plugin output, roughly matching the input level.
  • Output sets the global output level (post Auto Gain).
  • Switch between three different color schemes by clicking the top left icon.

The Cheapest Option

A free plugin with every purchase is always interesting. But if you can still get it very cheaply, it’s even better. I found the best cheapest options for you:

Or wait until Black Friday for a better deal but no guarantee.

Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor (reg. $49 USD) is available now as a free download with every purchase at ADSR Sounds through November 30th, 2021.

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