2B Played 2B Clipped Is A Free Distortion Plugin For PC & Mac

2B Played has recently released an update for its free 2B Clipped plugin. Since I haven’t reported about it yet, now is the time to do it. 2B Clipped is a free distortion plugin for PC & Mac based on the distortion and filter engine of the commercial 2B Filtered plugin.

The engine offers a distortion as well as a filtering section. The large distortion knob first adds some character to the sounds you put through the plug-in, but as soon as you open the distortion knob more than half it will transform into a clip distortion. In this way, the plug-in is suitable not only for adding subtle character to your sounds, but also for completely overdriving them.

2B Clipped

Further, it comes with low pass & high pass filter including resonance control. Patches can be saved in the preset manager. The new update 1.2 brings several new features to this free plugin.

New In 2B Clipped 1.2

  • GUI changes.
  • Better knob behaviour. Knobs now are full responsive (can be grabbed in the middle of the rings).
  • Knob behaviour changed to vertical mouse movement.
  • Added “Heavy” distortion type.
  • Distortion strength can now be changed.
  • Added “hz” values to low pass and high pass readout.
  • Cleaning work to improve stability and CPU usage.

2B Played 2B Clipped is available for free for PC & Mac in VST2, VST3 & AU plugin formats.

More information here: 2B Played