Sonnox Plugins & Bundles, Save Up To 75% OFF (Black Friday Sale)

Ends December 3, 2020

Sonnox has today announced its Black Friday Sale on its best-known mixing and mastering plugins.

For a limited time, you can save up to 75% OFF on all plugins and bundles.

Sonnox Black Friday Sale

This Black Friday, save up to 75% off the Sonnox range and enhance your mixes and masters with precision and quality. Prices from £34.50 / $39.

The Sonnox Black Friday Sale Includes

Inflator - HD/HDX Limiter75% OFFLimiterPlugin Boutique
Oxford TransMod75% OFFTransient ShaperPB
Sonnox Inflator V3 75% OFFLimiterPB
Broadcast75% OFFFX BundlePB
Enhance - HD/HDX 75% OFFFX BundlePB
Enhance75% OFFFX BundlePB
Oxford Dynamic EQ HD/HDX62% OFFEQPB
Elite54% OFFFX BundlePB
Elite – HD/HDX 54% OFFFX BundlePB
Mastering Collection53% OFFFX BundlePB
Essential50% OFFFX BundlePB
Fraunhofer Pro-Codec50% OFFUtilityPB
Oxford Drum Gate 50% OFFGatePB
Oxford Dynamic50% OFFEQPB
Oxford Dynamics50% OFFMasteringPB
Oxford Envolution Native 50% OFFEnvelope ShaperPB
Oxford EQ V350% OFFEQPB
Oxford Limiter V350% OFFLimiterPB
Oxford Limiter V3 - HD/HDX50% OFFLimiterPB
Oxford Reverb50% OFFReverbPB
Oxford SuprEsser50% OFFDe-EsserPB
Oxford SuprEsser DS50% OFFEQPB
Post50% OFFFX BundlePB
Sonnox Oxford DeBuzzer50% OFFAudio RestorationPB
Sonnox Oxford DeClicker50% OFFAudio RestorationPB
Sonnox Oxford DeNoiser50% OFFAudio RestorationPB
VoxDoubler50% OFFVocal ProcessingPB
Restore Bundle49% OFFFX BundlePB

More information here: PB (partner link)