Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guitar Effects Pedal Deals

Guitar pedals are addicting as well as synthesizers, plugins and more. It becomes all the more interesting when these have also fallen in price. This month is Black Friday and Cyber Monday on which prices tumble also on guitar pedals.

It starts with a small 10%, but also extends to over 40% on a pedal. In order to take some of the work off your feet, I have put together a list of deals from trustable shops for you. With a lot of deals, the risk of encountering a dubious shop increases. The list is constantly updated with the latest legal Black Friday guitar pedal deals.

Guitar Pedal deals

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guitar Effect Pedal Deals

Neunaber Neuron Gain Intelligence47% OFFPreamp
Harley Benton Custom Line OC-5 Octave38% OFFOctaverThomann30/11/2020
Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums23% OFFDrum ComputerThomann30/11/2020
Joyo R-14 Atmosphere Reverb25% OFFReverbThomann30/11/2020
Line6 HX Stomp White Limited Edition28% OFFMulti-EffectsThomann30/11/2020
Valeton Dapper Mini 4 Effect Strip20% OFFMulti-EffectsThomann30/11/2020
Pigtronix Infinity Looper 235% OFFLooperThomann30/11/2020
Joyo GEM BOX III29% OFFMulti-EffectsThomann30/11/2020
AMT Pangaea VC-1624% OFFSpeaker EmulationThomann30/11/2020
Palmer Root Effect PEDIST - Distortio63% OFFDistortionThomann30/11/2020
Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp19% OFFPre-Amp / DI BoxThomann30/11/2020
Harley Benton Custom Line Bass DI-Expander19% OFFPre-Amp / DI BoxThomann30/11/2020
Electro Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff PI20% OFFDistortionThomann30/11/2020
Line6 Helix HX Effects11% OFFMulti-EffectsThomann30/11/2020
TC Electronic Plethora X515% OFFMulti-EffectsThomann30/11/2020
Valeton Coral Verb II Reverb FX17% OFFReverbThomann30/11/2020
tc electronic Flashback 2 Mini Delay11% OFFDelayThomann30/11/2020
EBS Metal Drive II17% OFFDistortionThomann30/11/2020
Line6 HX Stomp LTD Run Red28% OFFMulti-EffectsThomann30/11/2020
TC Electronic Mimiq Mini16% OFFDoublerThomann30/11/2020
T-Rex Mudhoney11% OFFDistortionThomann30/11/2020
Palmer MI Pocket Amp Acoustic24% OFFAccousticThomann30/11/2020
Bogner Uberschall10% OFFDistortionThomann30/11/2020
Digitech Pitch Shifter Whammy Ricochet11% OFFPitch ShifterThomann30/11/2020
JHS Pedals 15% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ Speaker Simulator Pedal12,81% OFFSpeaker EmulationSweetwater28/11/2020
All J. Rockett Audio Designs Products15% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Keeley Products Selected Products15% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Ibanez OD850 Limited Edition Overdrive Reissue Pedal23,08% OFFOverdriveSweetwater28/11/2020
TC Electronics (Selected Products)$69 OFF (Up To)PedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Friedman (Selected Products15% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Danelectro20% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Wampler Pedals15% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Tech 21 (Selected Products)$100 OFF (Up To)PedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
BluGuitar Amp118,87% OFFAmpSweetwater28/11/2020
Jackson Audio Guitar Effect Pedals (Selected Products)15% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Eventide Rose20% OFFDelaySweetwater28/11/2020
Vertex Effects15% OFFPedalsSweetwater 28/11/2020
Analog Alien15% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Matthews Effects Pedals15% OFFPedalsSweetwater28/11/2020
Catalinbread Coriolis Effect28,67% OFFSustainer, Wah, Filter, Pitch Shifter & HarmonizerThomann 30/11/2020
GFI System Clockwork Delay V333,44% OFFDelayMusicstore30/11/2020
Walrus Audio Janus Fuzz/Tremolo25,75% OFFFuzz
Walrus Audio 2-Channel Remote Switch49,23% OFFSwitchMusicstore30/11/2020
Digitech DOD Carcosa Fuzz40,31% OFFFuzzThomann30/11/2020
VOX VXT-1 Strobe Pedal Tuner31,78% OFFTunerThomann30/11/2020

Did you find more deals that I didn’t cover? No problem, write them in the comments, I’ll check it out and publish it. Since black sheep also like to romp around in the Black Friday world, it may be that I do not accept certain deals to protect the readers from dubious deals. Big thanks for your help.

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