Cherry Audio Polymode, save 61% OFF during Black Friday

ADSR Sounds has launched an exclusive Black Friday sale on the Cherry Audio Polymode Synthesizer plugin with a big 61% OFF discount.

Polymode is also on sale at Plugin Boutique (25€), but at ADSR you will benefit from an extra discount. Plus, you get Yum Audio LoFi Flux Light, an analog-modeled tape warble effect plugin for FREE with each purchase.

Cherry Audio Polymode

Cherry Audio Polymode

Polymode is Cherry Audio’s authentic emulation of the iconic Moog Polymoog Synthesizer. It’s not just an emulation, it’s a further development with an expanded feature set:

  • Precisely recreates the unusual paraphonic architecture of the original instrument
  • Over 150 presets
  • 32-voice polyphony
  • Extensive modulation routings for almost all synthesis parameters
  • Numerous modulation sources including velocity, pressure, white and pink noise and more
  • Simultaneously available saw and pulse waves for both oscillator ranks
  • Super accurately recreated “mode” filters
  • Expanded resonators section with additional LFO, 12db/24db slopes, and notch mode
  • Classic 24db ladder-style filter
  • Integrated ensemble, phaser, tempo-synced echo, and reverb effects
  • Classic Solina-style tri-chorus mode
  • Two bonus LFOs with five waveforms and tempo sync
  • Full MIDI control
  • Full DAW automation for all controls

Cherry Audio Polymode is available now for $19 USD exclusively at ADSR Sounds for a limited time.

More information here: ADSR Sounds 

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