Valhalla Space Modulator Is Now A Free Plugin For Everyone

Good news coming from ValhallaDSP. Space Modulator, a modulation effect plugin, that was previously only available for customers, is available now for free for everyone. This is the second free plugin by Sean Costello aka ValhallaDSP in no time.

Space Modulator can be described as a versatile modulation effect plugin. At first glance, it looks simple but it can do a lot with the right settings. From a through-zero flanger, chorus effect, detuner, experimental pitch shifter, doubler, stereo modulator, and more.

Valhalla Space Modulator


It features elven different modulation algorithms packed into an easy-to-use interface with a good set of control to shape the depth and type of modulation. Available are: modulation rate & depth, feedback amount, mix dry/wet, pre-delay to the modulation signal, and the mode selection menu with which you can select the algorithm.

The user interface is freely resizable, so there won’t be any display issues if you’re using a high-resolution screen. It also comes with a preset manager that is filled with over 70 quality presets.


Valhalla Space Modulator is available now as a free download, no registration or activation required. The software is available in VST, AU, AAX, and RTAS plugin formats for compatible DAW software on PC and Mac. Both 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

More information here: ValhallaDSP