Free Plugins: SuperflyDSP Wahwah, Phaser, Tremolo & Chorus Effects (PC/Mac)

SuperflyDSP has today released four free audio effect plugins for PC & Mac. The releases include a new wahwah, phaser, tremolo, chorus effects plugins.

All four plugins get by with little frills and have minimal GUIs.  They are relatively simple effects that can be used anywhere



FlyingPhaser creates smooth and subtle sweeping filter effect. Modeled from state of art time-varying-filter our effect provide you analog feel sound.

Automatic Flying Wahwah is a classic 70s wahwah effect and modeled from state of art analog time-varying-filter. Our Flying-Wahwah offers you a sweet analog aliasing-free funky sound. It offers a triggered automatically ADSR envelope modulation source, you just have to adjust the trigger level then play. You could also use the two modulation waveforms.

Stereo FlyingTremolo generates analog feel Tremolo modulation. The stereo widening effect is achieved by panning the Tremolo waveform. You can switch the Waveform to change the modulation from Triangle, Sawtooth, and Square waveform. The square waveform of the modulation is particularly efficient on electric piano.

FlyingChorus is a simple chorus effect plugin. The modulated signal is then mixed with the original dry instrument to create the effect.

SuperflyDSP plugins are available now as a free download for PC & Mac in VST/VST3/AU format.

More information here: SSDSP