82% OFF Sonible frei:raum EQ Plugin For PC & Mac

Ends September 10, 2019

Sonible frei:raum is a smart EQ plugin that features three different interaction layers for different audio processing tasks. It is not only a top-quality linear phase EQ with an interactive user interface but has also a novel approach to audio post-production and sound design.

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Sonible frei:raum

What Exactly Can I Do With frei:raum?

This is the smart EQ plug-in for audio editing, it balances spaciousness and unlocks creative possibilities in the post-production of music and language thanks to the following features:

  • Revolutionary learning ability powered by the sonible smart:engineTM
  • 3 in 1 linear-phase EQ plug-including:
  • Smart EQ – manual and automatic adjustment of the spectral balance of a track
  • Proximity EQ – simple and fast adaption of the spaciousness of a recording within different frequency ranges
  • Entropy EQ – frequency-dependent modification of the tonal and inharmonic components of a sound

With unlimited possibilities for music and audio post-production “frei:raum”opens up an inspiring new dimension of creative editing options!

Sonible frei:raum requires machine-based (two activations limit) or iLok key activation. A free time-limited (30 days) demo is available at the developer’s website.

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