Save 95% OFF Glitchmachines Sound Design Bundle (12€) with 4 plugins (EXPIRED)

VST Buzz has teamed up with Glitchmachines offering a sound design bundle with four experimental plugins for only 12€ (95% OFF).

The sound design bundle features the plugins Cataract, Quadrant, Polygon 2, and Cryogen. If you like to enrich your plugin arsenal with unique instruments and effects you should check out these plugins

Glitchmachines Sound Design Bundle

Glitchmachines Sound Design Bundle

The Glitchmachines Sound Design bundle consists of the following four plugins


Cataract is a unique sampler that consists two scanner modules, each of which is equipped with two sample slots. Each scanner includes two LFOs, a multimode filter, a multimode delay effect, a scan sequencer with windowing and dedicated LFO, a 3-Band graphic EQ, four dedicated randomizers, five MIDI triggered save states, and a dedicated modulation matrix.

The plugin is capable of creating unique textures and rhythmic elements from any sample you load. It works not like your typical sampler plugin. And with the deep modulation arsenal, you can deep in experimental sample manipulation.


Quadrant is a modular audio processor with which you can create your own generators (synths…) or special effect processors. It ships with 36 modules including delays, filters, wave folder, distortion, FM oscillator, and more. In the simple graphical user interface, the modules can be patched together like in a modular Synthesizer.

Glitchmachines ships Quadrant with 160 patches that give you a nice insight into what is possible with Quadrant.

Polygon 2

Polygon 2 is a granular sampler plugin with 4 full-featured granular sample slots. Plus, you have a dual oscillator with FM option for addition sound design flexibility. On the modulation side, you have 4 modulation sequencers, and 8 LFOs. Then, you have dual insert effects per sampler, global effical, dual gloabl effects, and more. Anything but a classic sampler


Cryogen is an experimental effect processor with dual buffer effects, dual multimode filters and bit crusher effects. With the advent of its flexible architecture and fully modular drag & drop modulation matrix, Cryogen is capable of generating everything from subtle glitches to stunning signal mutations, making it an exciting creative tool for electronic musicians and sound designers.

Glitchmachines Sound Design Bundle is available for just 12€ until Tuesday 0:59:59 (CET). The plugins runs as VST and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: VST Buzz