94% OFF Glitchmachines Sound Designer Bundle With 4 Plugins ($15)

Ends January 6, 2020

Glitchmachines Sound Designer Bundle features 4 audio plugins specially designed for creating unusual sounds. The bundle includes two unique samplers (granular & morpher), a modular audio processor and a dual buffer effects.

For a limited time, you can save 94% OFF on this bundle and buy all 4 plugins for just $15 USD ($3,75 USD per plugin) what is an amazing value if you search unique audio plugins.

Glitchmachines Sound Designer Bundle

Create mutated and digitally warped sounds with Glitchmachine’s selection of futuristic, one-of-a-kind samplers and synthesizers.

These forward-thinking, versatile tools allow electronic musicians and sound designers to produce anything from distinctive sound effects and nuanced percussive patterns all the way to absolute digital chaos.

The Bundle Includes

Cataract features an arsenal of sample scanners with integrated modulation sequencers, generative parameters and various morphing functions. This makes it possible to construct architecturally complex patterns ranging from nuanced percussive articulations to intricate particle sound effects and all-out glitch chaos. Cataract comes with a large library of loops and samples, as well as more than 180 presets to get you started.

Quadrant’s open-ended graphical patching system and diverse set of modules give you access to a highly customizable processing environment capable of a broad range of effects. Quadrant’s intuitive workflow and vast sonic potential will inspire you to push the envelope, while its flexible architecture invites you to try imaginative new routing scenarios.

Polygon is a sampler geared toward electronic music production and experimental sound design.

Cryogen features dual buffer effects, dual multimode filters, and dual bit crusher effects. With the advent of its flexible architecture and fully modular drag & drop modulation matrix, Cryogen is capable of generating everything from subtle glitches to stunning signal mutations, making it an exciting creative tool for electronic musicians and sound designers.

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