90% OFF W.A Production Babylon Synthesizer Plugin + 3 Expansions

Ends July 21, 2020

Plugin Boutique has announced a limited time 90% OFF sale on the W.A Production Babylon bundle that includes the Synthesizer plugin and three preset expansions.

Babylon is a single interface page synth plugin with three multi-voice oscillators with 257 HQ waveforms with advanced sound-shaping possibilities like FM, RM & AM modulation, different filters, and effects (reverb, filter, sample rate reduction…).

W.A Production Babylon

One of the highlights is the ability to play Babylon in one of 57 available scales (23 standards & 34 traditional scales and modes from the Middle East). You can choose a scale, a key and see the notes of the scale highlighted on the virtual keyboard. Microtonal tuning is also set up automatically. The developers write about Babylon these words:

W.A Production could list all of the great features of Babylon, but instead, allow them to point out some aspects which they think are unique in the world of soft-synths. The filter section features not only standard controls but also 5 characterful poly effects: drive, distortion, saturation, crush and LoFi. There’s a dedicated Vibrato LFO with delay & attack settings for smooth vibrato transitions. Babylon has 12 different curve types for ADSR and Filter programming. Visual unison feedback shows the exact width and depth of your voicing and detuning choices. And did they mention the scales and microtuning? Oh yes, so they did.


  • One-page synth programming.
  • 257 high-resolution waveforms.
  • Over 2300 Preset sounds.
  • Scale & Microtonal features.
  • Filters & Effects.
  • Multi-voice Oscillation.
  • Modulation Matrix.
  • FM, RM & AM modulation.
  • Dedicated Vibrato LFO.
  • Skins and dual-size interface.
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video.

W.A Production Babylon Bundle (Synthesizer + 5 Expansions) is now on sale with a 90% OFF discount for $9.90 USD until July 21, 2020

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