80% OFF Waldorf Lector Vocoder Plugin For PC & Mac

Ends September 21, 2020

APD, our long-term partner has today announced a massive 80% OFF sale on the Waldorf Lector vocoder plugin for PC & Mac. Lector is not brand new, but a plugin that has been on the market for a few years. It is based on an analysis filter bank that splits the incoming audio into as many as 100 frequency bands of which modulates the volume levels of an equal number of band-pass filters in the synthesis filter bank

The vocoder engine can be played either with the integrated 16-voice Synthesizer or via an external audio source that provides the input signal for the synthesis filter bank. This lets you do fun things like apply a melody line or chord sequence to articulate vocals or speech. The results are typical vocoder applications such as the robot-like alienation of voices, autotune-like singing, or similar soft applications à la Daft Punk can be realized in really high quality.

Waldorf Lector Vocoder

Lector includes features that make it different. For example the fabled Waldorf multimode filter with a slope of 12dB or 24dB features prominently or a whitening filter. The latter bleach the signal before it is colored by the vocoder. This comes in very handy when you’re processing choir and voice samples. A three-band equalizer serves to boost and cut whatever frequencies of the generated signal you wish to target.

Not only the vocoder is versatile, but also the built-in 16-voice Synthesizer. It offers two oscillators  with quintessential analog waveforms such as sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square with variable pulse width, sample & hold, and noise, as well as freely loadable single and multi-samples. FM and ring modulation enrich the vocoder’s signal with further overtone spectra. The Lector also offers a selection of typical effects used to refine vocoder signals – tube overdrive, transistor distortion, and hard clipping, six-voice chorus/flanger, synchronizable stereo delay, and realistic reverb.

Waldorf Lector is available now for $34.99 USD instead of $179 USD until September 21st, 2020.

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