50% OFF UVI Rotary Speaker Emulation Plugin For PC/Mac

UVI has launched a limited time sale on the Rotary effect plugin that runs on PC & Mac audio hosts. This VST/AU/AAX plugin is modern and versatile rotary speaker emulation with modern controls and independent mic placement for advanced tone shaping.

It can be used on a multitude of uses from keyboards, guitars, vocals, and more. Thanks to its advanced engine, Rotary is capable of creating effects that goes beyond classic rotary speaker effects.

UVI Rotary

Rotary brings a vintage effect into the modern age with intuitive and deep controls, a fast workflow and a sophisticated engine. Explore it on a multitude of uses from keyboard and guitar setups to contemporary sounds, vocals and more, and see why Rotary is destined to become a future classic.


  • Custom microphone placement (hemispherical)
  • Intuitive macro controls (width, distance, skew) and independent click-drag microphone placement
  • 3D real-time ray-traced early reflections, simulating up to third order
  • Shape sounds naturally (metrics based on original horn / drum directivity measurements)
  • Precise angular Doppler effect
  • Realistic sound diffusion for open and closed box configurations
  • Precise tone reproduction (measured horn / drum impulse responses)
  • Amplifier Drive: faithful reproduction of even / odd harmonics
  • Amplifier Pre-Emphasis control (compensates horn frequency response)

UVI Rotary is available now for 39€ instead of 79€ until July 27th, 2020.

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