30% OFF All UVI Products Including Falcon 2, Virtual Instruments & More

Ends March 15th, 2020

UVI has today announced a lucky sale with a 30% OFF discount on all products. This sale includes the flagship Synthesizer UVI Falcon 2, all sample-based virtual instruments, effect plugins, and Falcon expansions.

If you want to buy UVI Falcon 2 multi-engine Synthesizer plugin, now is the best time. There will be no better deal than 30% OFF.

UVI Falcon 2

Official Statement

Looking for rare vintage synths to inspire your next project? Check out Vintage Vault 3’s 65 instruments spanning over five decades of musical history. Want to take your sound design to the next level and your current UVI soundbanks to new dimensions? Have a look at Falcon, the most advanced hybrid sampling-synthesis instrument. Need sounds that will make your projects stand out from the others? Toy Suite is the way to go.
How about a complete symphonic orchestra? Orchestral Suite has you covered. And if sonic boundaries must be pushed into avant-garde territory, check out the extended playing techniques and musical preparations with IRCAM Solo Instruments, IRCAM Prepared Piano and Augmented Piano. UVI’s full line of effects are also on sale. Discover our advanced delay Relayer, the character of physically-modeled reverb with Plate, the depth of Thorus, and more.

The Sale Includes

  • Falcon 2
  • Vintage Vault 2
  • Toy Suite
  • Drum Designer
  • Orchestral Suite
  • BeatBox Anthology 2
  • Thorus
  • Plate
  • Sparkverb
  • Titanium
  • Plurality
  • Pulsar
  • Whoosh FX
  • Meteor
  • Walker
  • PX P10
  • PX V8
  • PX Apollo
  • Key Suite Acoustic
  • Key Suite Electric
  • Key Suite Digital
  • FM Suite
  • Kroma
  • UVX670
  • Synth Anthology 2
  • Relayer
  • Rotary
  • ….

The sale is valid until March 15th, 2020.

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