Pay What You Want: The Synth & Sound Pack Bundle by Applied Acoustics Systems

Ends July 17, 2019

Stacksocial, a relatively unknown website for audio plugin deals but more other software has launched an excellent on products by Applied Acoustics Systems. For a limited time, you can pay what you want on the AAS Synth & Sound Pack Bundle.

It features 2 Session series Synthesizer plugins (Strum & Ultra Analog) as well as 12 sound packs which are compatible with the Session instruments or with the free AAS Player. You can pay what you want but if you pay at least $10.62, you can unlock all 14 products what is a really nice value.

Synth & Sound Pack Bundle by Applied Acoustics Systems

What’s in the Bundle

  • Strum Session Synth Pack: $33
  • Kinetix Sound Pack: 39
  • Ultra Analog Session Synth Pack: $33
  • Multiverse Sound Pack: $39
  • Microsound Textures Sound Pack: $39
  • Frontier Sound Pack: $39
  • Pop Rocks Sound Pack: $39
  • Starlight Sound Pack: $39
  • Analog Essentials Sound Pack: $39
  • Ultra FX Sound Pack: $39
  • Angelicals Sound Pack $39
  • Cinematheque Sound Pack: $39
  • Synbiosis Sound Pack: $39
  • Journeys Sound Pack: $39

How It Works1

Pay what you want —& if that’s less than the average price—you’ll still take home something great. Beat the average price & you’ll take home the entire bundle. Beat the Leader’s price & get entered into our epic giveaway—plus get featured on the Leaderboard!

Synth & Sound Pack