43% OFF Future Audio Workshop Sublab Synthesizer Plugin (VST/AU/AAX)

Future Audio Workshop Sublab is a new Synthesizer plugin (VST/AU/AAX) designed for hip-hop, future bass and trap genres. Create powerful 808 style sub-bass that sounds punchy on every speaker, every time.

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Future Audio Workshop Sublab

Get all the tools you need to sample, layer, widen and distort any kick into a uniquely powerful sub in one plug-in. SubLab’s innovative yet simple mix workflow includes X-Sub™, our psychoacoustic sub-bass oscillator. This newly invented oscillator works as a sub-bass maximizer to achieve consistent, accurate and deep subs on any speaker system.

SubLab comes packed with 6 signature Bass Packs and 250 kick samples meticulously recorded from classic analog drum machines and modern modular systems. You can also drag and drop your own samples into the sampler and SubLab will automatically detect the pitch of your sample for a faster workflow. Build your own sample library and Bass Packs as you go.


  • Synth engine: Analog style synth engine with sine, triangle, sawtooth and square wave options
  • Sample engine:
    • Access the factory library of 250 kicks and 808s, or drag and drop your own.
    • Delayed sample start for creating delayed 808s
    • Internal maximizer for expanding and distorting
    • Loop mode so any sample can be sustained
    • Lo-cut and hi-cut filtering for sculpting
  • X-Sub™ Engine:
    • Our newly developed psychoacoustic sub bass oscillator¨
    • Always keeps your notes in the sub-range
    • Control the exact harmonics to create the perfect sub bass
  • Distortion:
    • Darkdrive, Overdrive & Grunge distortion
    • Visualizer to display how the distortion is working
    • Lo-cut and hi-cut filters for post-filter distortion
    • Mix amount controls for parallel distortion
  • Compressor:
    • Auto sidechain button so the kick punches through
    • Mix amount controls for parallel compression
  • Filter
    • Analog modelled processing
    • Low pass, band pass and high pass shapes
    • Mix amount controls for parallel filtering

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