50% OFF Eventide Newfangled Audio Punctuate Transient Shaper Plugin (VST/VST3/AU/AAX)

Eventide Newfangled Audio Punctuate is based on the transient emphasis section of the award-winning Elevate Mastering Limiter and is a multi-band transient shaper/modulator plugin for PC & Mac systems.

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Eventide Newfangled Audio Punctuate


Based on the Transient Emphasis section of the award-winning Elevate Mastering Limiter, Punctuate is a multi-band transient modulator based on the critical bands in the human ear. Punctuate’s intelligent algorithms allow you to control the transient emphasis or suppression of all 26 critical bands with just 4 controls.

This makes for an incredibly powerful, but very easy to use, transient modulator.


  • Multi-Band Transient Emphasis or Suppression magically reshapes the dynamics or your single channel or whole mix.
  • Auditory Modelling means that even drastic changes sound natural.
  • Intelligent Adaptive Algorithms allow you to control up to 26 transient shapers with just 4 controls.
  • Integrated metering shows you what the algorithm is doing at all times.
  • Filter Bank page lets you modify the filters and solo each channel for expert tweaking if desired.

Eventide Newfangled Audio Punctuate (VST/VST3/AU/AAX) is now on sale for $49 USD /49€ until August 19th, 2019 (regular priced at $99 USD).

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