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D16 Group Repeater

D16 Group Repeater Delay is a dual-delay powerhouse that features 23 unique, authentically modeled delay units ranging from classic oil cans and plates to the most famous vintage digital designs.

At first glance, Repeater appears to be your typical stereo delay effect processor with independent control of the processing path for the left and right channels. In actuality, it features independent re-panning and dry/wet mixing for each of two stereo channels, which makes it a very flexible double delay line effect. You’ll be surprised and delighted by all the capabilities this approach can offer over the typical, fixed-panned one.

Key Features

  • 23 unique delay models (Cassette Tape, Coopy Cube, Digital 42, Digital 42×2, Digital Delay, DM-2, Mellow Delay, Memory Guy, Mirky Delay, New Radio, Old Radio, Pitchy Delays, Plexy Echo, Space Delay, Tape Delay Ancient, Tape Delay Classic, Tape Delay Modern, Tape Delay Vintage, Telephone 1, Telephone 2, TelRay)
  • Two separate delay lines for left and right channels with independent control for each of them and per channel features:
  • Phase invert function
  • Audio clipper module with Color parameter
  • Dual (Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass) filter
  • Dry/Wet mixing
  • Channel re-panning
  • Tap function for non-synchronized delay times
  • Optional Tempo Synchronization with DAW’s
  • Ping-Pong mode
  • Feedback loop’s analog mode
  • Two-stage Stereo spread
  • Ultra-low digital aliasing output
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • MIDI-learn functionality
  • 64bit internal processing

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