Buy Bassline Generator, get Algoritm FM Synthesizer for Reason for FREE

Today a deal for Reason users. When you buy the clever Bassline Generator Player device for Reason, you get the hybrid FM Synthesizer Algoritm for FREE.

Both rack extensions normally cost 183€ together, now they are available for 74€, which is an excellent deal. Don’t forget, Reason 11/12 is not just a DAW but also a modular instrument host for all major DAW.

Bassline generator algoritm

Bassline Generator

Bassline Generator is a Player made for cooking up new basslines fast. Use the immediate interface to mix, match, and modulate the tailor-made phrases and find the perfect low-end groove, then get hands-on with the built-in note display.


  • Create basslines by mixing, matching, and modulating built-in patterns
  • Edit and tweak the results in the note display
  • Randomize function for fresh, unexpected results
  • Trigger and transpose basslines from your MIDI keyboard
  • Eight pattern memories for variations
  • CV inputs and outputs connect to other devices in the Reason Rack
  • 120+ patches included (The included Combinator patches require Reason 12)


Algoritm FM Synthesizer

Many iconic sounds of the 80s were created using FM synthesis, but why stop there? With Algoritm we have ramped up that technology, so you can create the iconic sounds of the 20s. Easy to just mess around with, yet deeply tweakable, Algoritm’s hybrid approach to FM invites you to explore a world of sounds you’ve never heard before.


  • Nine operator slots each configurable as an FM operator, wavetable oscillator, multi-mode filter, or shaper
  • Freely connect the operator slots to create your algorithms
  • Create both classic FM sounds and brand new hybrid tones
  • Randomizer function to morph any patch into new sounds
  • Expansive set of modulation sources and effects
  • Over 250 patches to fuel new songs

Buy Bassline Generator, get Algoritm Synthesizer for FREE deal is valid until January 25th, 2022. It is available for 74€ instead of 183€.

More information here: Reason Studios