Arturia V Collection 8 sale with 28 plugins, save 50% off for a limited time

Ends October 24, 2021

Plugin Boutique has launched a limited-time 50% OFF sale on the Arturia V Collection 8 with 28 virtual instrument plugins for macOS and Windows.

The bundle contains 28 different plugins. From vintage synthesizer emulations, samplers, electric pianos, and more. Here you get vintage power for just 1€+ per plugin for your DAW.

Arturia V Collection 8 sale

Arturia V Collection 8 Sale

The V Collection 8 is the latest version of Arturia’s best-known plugin collection. The newest version features accurate emulations of the EMU Emulator II, Moog vocoder, Juno-60, as well major updates for older plugins. Including for the Analog Lab, Stage-73, and the Jup-8 V, Arturia’s Roland Jupiter-8 emulation. Plus, you get all the releases from the last V Collections making a total of 28 different plugins for macOS and Windows.

  • OB-Xa V, Mellotron V, Synthi V, CZ V, Clavinet V, CMI V, DX7 V, Buchla Easel V, Synclavier V,
  • B-3 V, Mini V, Piano V, Matrix-12 V, Farfisa V, Solina V, SEM V, Wurli V, ARP 2600 V, CS-80 V,
  • Prophet V, VOX Continental V,  Modular V

A very good deal in my opinion as it offers a lot of high-quality plugins with tons of sounds. The bundle covers your whole vintage sound need with a download. And for everyone who thinks a V Collection 9 is coming out soon, don’t worry. There are no info, even under NDA, you will benefit from a special paid update. That (VC8 + update) will be much more interesting than buying the bundle during the release of a V Collection 9.

The Arturia V Collection 8 sale for 299€/$299 USD (reg. 598€/$) is valid until October 24, 2021.

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