Ends August 6, 2019

Arturia Summer Sale 2019 has just started. Save for a limited time 50% OFF on every Synthesizer & keyboards as well as on the effect plugins.

Tip: If you plan to buy more than 5 virtual instrument plugins, think of buying the V-Collection 7 from Arturia, it becomes cheaper than buying 4+ plugins. Thomann currently as nice deal on it.

Arturia Summer Sale

Experience legendary instruments and studio gear, reborn as software, and turbo-charged with modern features. Always wanted to get hands-on with a vintage modular monosynth, a boutique stage piano, or a rare valve compressor? Are you mad about screaming tonewheel organs, crunchy 80s samplers, or warbly tape-replay machines?

The sale includes:

Sample Engines

  • CMI V (taking sampling into the future)
  • Synclavier V (a revolution now with resynthesis)
  • Mellotron (legendary tape keyboard)

Digital Synth Emulations

  • DX7 V (ultimate sound of the 80s)
  • CZ V (phase distortion cult classic)

Analog Synth Emulations

  • Jup-8 V (polyphonic legend)
  • ARP2600 V (pure semi-modular synth versatility)
  • Prophet V (the basis for all other polysynths)
  • Synth V (British silver machine)
  • Buchla V (experimental west coast synthesis)
  • Mini V (funk & hip-hop monosynth from Dr. Moog)
  • Modular V (sound designer’s first and ultimate playground
  • CS-80 V (dream machine that inspired Vangelis)
  • SEM V (R&B Pop Dancing synth)
  • Matrix 12 V (British touch, first programmable analog Synthesizer)


  • B-3V (most authentic tonewheel organ and rotary speaker experience)
  • Farfisa V (organs that helped define the top 40 sounds of the 60s)
  • Vox Continental V (organ sounds of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond)

Electric Keyboards

  • Clavinet V (unmistakable sound of funk)
  • Stage-73 V (most popular electric piano on the planet)
  • Wurli V (Wurli electric piano cuts through a mix like a knife)

Piano & String Machine

  • Piano V (faithful recreations of 12 world-class pianos
  • Solina V (string machine using physical modeling)

3 Preamps

  • 1973-Pre (British mixing console flavor)
  • TridA-Pre (powerful preamp and EQ rig)
  • V76-Pre (get that iconic 60s pop sound)

3 Filters

  • Mini Filter (Dr Moog’s classic ladder)
  • M12 Filter (powerful multi-mode, modulatable filter)
  • SEM-Filter (Tom Oberheim’s distinctive sound)

3 Compressors

  • Comp VCA-65 (transform your rhythm section)
  • Comp FET-76 (history most loved compressor)
    Comp TUBE-STA (big broadcast compression)

The sale is valid until August 6, 2019

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