ANWIDA Soft Spazio Light, Free Reverb Plugin For MacOS & Windows

Anwida Soft, a relatively new plugin manufacturer, today announced Spazio Light, a new, free reverb plugin for macOS & Windows.

At the moment (04/21/2020) the plugin is only available on macOS. The Windows version is coming soon.

Anwida Soft Spazio Light

ANWIDA Soft Spazio Light

Spazio Light is a free stereo reverb plugin that allows simulating a wide range of textures. From small rooms with sudden attacks and coloration characteristic of small spaces to large natural-sounding spaces with spread attack and build of a concert hall.

According to the developer, it is based on a highly optimized DSP code with 64-bit internal precision for ultra-clean & noiseless processing. The interface is super simple and straightforward. It features parameters including dry/wet mix control, pre-delay, decay, and lowpass filter with cutoff control. Plus, you have a level control on the right side. You can enter the parameter manually or automate them inside your DAW.

The plugin ships with several factory presets with which you can try out without tweaking it.

Anwida Soft Spazio is available now for macOS and runs as a VST3 & AU plugin. The Windows version with VST3 support is coming soon. Don’t forget to check out the free plugin section on the Plugin.Deals website.

More information here: ANWIDA Soft 

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