30% OFF (Up To) Accusonus ERA 4 Audio Repair Bundles Introductory Sale

Ends August 1st, 2019

Accusonus has released the new ERA Bundle 4 in a Standard and Pro version. The ERA Bundle 4 features plugins with a unique one-knob interface design that simplifies the workflow.

To celebrate this release, Accusonus ERA Bundles are now on sale with up to 30% OFF discounts at the official shop and retailers.

Accusonus ERA Bundle 4

Accusonus’ patented single knob design appeals to professional editors, filmmakers and podcasters as its advanced design greatly reduce the time-consuming audio repair workflow to a simple twist of a dial. Additionally, the ERA 4 Standard family of plugins enables aspiring content creators, YouTubers and film and audio students to quickly master audio workflows with minimal effort or expertise.

The Accusonus ERA 4 Bundles are available in two different collections.

The ERA 4 Standard Bundle is a collection of single knob audio cleaning plugins, that are designed for speed and fidelity with minimal effort, even if users have never edited audio before. The ERA Bundle delivers professional sound design, even to beginners. The bundle includes:

  • Noise Remover
  • Reverb Remover
  • De-Esser
  • Plosive Remover
  • Voice Leveler
  • De-Clipper

The ERA Bundle Pro 4 is a multi-patented bundle of audio repair tools that offer both speed, and high-quality, high fidelity processing without compromise. Ideally suited for professional editors audio engineers and podcasters in advanced post and music production environments, Accusonus’ intelligent tools help save significant studio time by automating typically time-consuming workflows and simplifying workflows with single-knob adjustments.

The ERA 4 Pro Bundle includes all of the plugins from the Standard Bundle, and adds the ERA De-Esser PRO, a sophisticated, yet fast and easy to use de-essing plugin.

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