68% OFF AAS Ultra Analog VA-3 Synthesizer + 5 Free Soundbanks With This Trick

AAS Ultra Analog VA-3 is the newest version of the best-known virtual analog Synthesizer. VA-3 features a brand-new bi-timbral engine, macro controls, a new ladder as well as 500+ new sounds by professional sound designers.

For the launch, AAS offers the full version with a 25% OFF discount. Upgrades are even available with 50% OFF. At Plugin.Deals I try to find the best price for my readers. For the new AAS synthesizer, I’ve found a better deal for the full version. With the following steps, you can save 68% OFF on the full version of Ultra Analog VA-3 Synthesizer and receive on top 5 free soundbanks for it.

AAS Ultra Analog VA-3

First Step: The Synth & Sound Pack Bundle

For some weeks now, the Synth & Sound Pack Bundle is on sale at Stacksocial for $14.89. Among other things, it includes the Ultra Analog Session plugin and 5 sound packs that are compatible with the VA-2 and VA-3 Synthesizer. It includes also the Strum Session plugin and other sound packs for Chromaphone 2 and other synths. You need to pay the full amount of $14.89 to get everything including Ultra Analog Session.

Second Step: Upgrade Ultra Analog Session To VA-3

As a second step, buy the upgrade from Ultra Analog Session to the VA-3. This is currently available with a 50% OFF discount.

So you get AAS Ultra Analog VA-3 for $ 60.86 USD (VAT excluded) what is a 68% OFF discount. This is a very good offer, especially for such a new synthesizer. BTW: The 5 sound banks you get at the current sale cost even more than the whole deal. All who own VA-2, I recommend buying the upgrade,  which is cheaper. The Synth & SoundPack can also be bought if you want to get sound banks cheap.

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