d16 Group Summer Sale 2024, save 40% OFF on plugins and bundles

Ends July 21, 2024

d16 Group has launched its Summer Sale 2024, offering 40% off discounts on synth/effects plugins and bundles for a limited time.

The sale includes their latest Synthesizers, effects, and updated bundles.

‎d16 Group Summer Sale 2024

d16 Group Summer Sale 2024

During the summer sale, you save 40% OFF on the excellent plugins and bundle range, including synths, drum machines, and more.

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The d16 Group Summer Sale 2024 is valid until July 21, 2024.

If you buy at Plugin Boutique, you get a free plugin on top of your purchase. Plus, you support Synth Anatomy/ Plugin.Deals. Many thanks for considering my request.

More information here: d16 Group 

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