2Rule 2RuleSynth, new free Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows

2Rule has today published 2RuleSynth, a new free Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows.

The developer recently released very unique free plugins such as the TwoRuleFilter. It’s a filter plugin that is capable to produce unusual filter effects including glitching. His new Synthesizer looks very classic subtractive but has a unique structure and sound that are worth exploring.

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2Rule 2RuleSynth

2RuleSynth has 8 voices of polyphony and offers virtual analog synthesis in combination with FM and ring modulation. Sounds classic but the structure is different.

Each oscillator has its own filter, amp, envelopes, and LFOs. In classic synths, these parts work on the entire engine. Here every oscillator can be seen as its own voice. Thus, you can achieve more complex sounds here even if it’s “just classic subtractive synthesis”. I like it as it’s a refreshing approach to it. Each oscillator has classic waveforms including sine, saw, square and white noise. You can adjust them with four controls: waveform, mode, fine-tune, and octave. PWM is currently missing, hopefully, the developer will add it in the future.

2RuleSynth has three different oscillator modulations that can work simultaneously. Available is ring modulation (RM), frequency modulation (FM), a well as waveshape distortion giving timbres with more harmonics and character. Then you have per oscillator a filter, two envelopes (filter, amp), and three LFOs with sync (amp, filter, pitch). The filter is a resonating Moog type filter with LP, HP, and BP.

So you get 4 envelopes, and 6 LFOs in total for getting your parameters in motion. A little downer: tons of modulation but little flexibility. The modulators are fixed and cannot be routed differently. And there is also no mod matrix. At the end of the signal, it offers an advanced chorus, and simple syncable delay, and reverb processors. Handy, the developed added a spectrum analyzer, a wave window as well a preset randomizer. With one push you can design new sounds. Often crazy sounds are the result but it’s a nice addition for it.

Sound Demo

It’s certainly not a premium synth like U-he Diva, Xfer Serum, Massive 2… but a fun free synth that is worth checking out.

2Rule 2RuleSynth is available now as a free download for macOS and Windows. It runs as a 64-bit only VST3 plugin.

More information here: 2Rule