30% OFF UVI Falcon Multi-Engine Synthesizer, 2 FREE Expansions & 100€ Voucher

Ends October 18th, 2020

UVI Falcon 2.1 is out now and it’s another big free update for the beloved multi-engine Synthesizer. The new version includes many new creative features including new effects, an arp sequencer, inspiring probably-based scrips, new wavetables, and a wealth of new sounds. The company celebrates this release with a big 30% OFF sale on Falcon 2.1.

You can currently buy Falcon 2.1 for only 244 €/$ (regular 349€/$) and get on top two expansions of your choice. That’s not all. You get an additional 100€/$ voucher with every Falcon purchase that you can redeem the next time you visit the UVI webshop.

UVI Falcon 2.1 plugin deal

Falcon is an advanced and truly unlimited hybrid instrument that offers a massive synthesis engine. It combines cutting-edge oscillators, effects, modulators, and event processors all built into a highly customizable environment. Thus, only synthesis-based oscillators, granularized samples or a combination becomes your starting point in Falcon. It offers has a huge range of synthesis forms in one single plugin: virtual analog, wavetable, additive, granular…

Further, it has more than 90 different effects onboard designed to shape and finalize your sounds. 9 modulation generators ensure that the sounds have the right shapes and are perfectly animated to your tracks. You can find here: AHD, analog-style ADSR, attack decay, DAHDSR, drunk, LFO, multi-envelope, step envelope. Built-in script-based arpeggiators, sequencers…etc,  gives you enough freedom on how you can play the sounds.

Features At A Glance

  • An impressively complete, extensive, and streamlined hybrid instrument
  • Mix and modulate samples, synthesis modules, FX, and more
  • 16 state-of-the-art oscillators, including granular and time-stretching engines by IRCAM
  • Fully featured Wavetable, FM, Drum, and Pluck modules
  • Over 90 unique and powerful effects
  • Adaptable user interface supports your sound design workflow preferences
  • MIDI processing, synthesis, effects, and modulation all in one environment
  • Create fully scripted instruments with custom UIs
  • Requires iLok account (but not the actual dongle)

In summary, Falcon offers a lot for the current price of 244€. A lot of synthesis & sampler power, high-end effect processors, and many possibilities to expand the engine. Thill will be not the last big feature update, pretty sure.

Falcon is now on sale through October 18th, 2020. In short: save 30% OFF, get 2 free expansions, and a 100€ voucher for the UVI webshop.

More information here: UVI (partner)